Post Surgical Medical Supplies for your Care after Hysterectomy,Appendectomy,Myomectomy,Tummy Tuck, Keyhole & Open Abdominal Surgery include AbdoMend™ Abdominal Binders & Belly bands: Walk, Laugh, and sit more comfortably so you recover more quickly and easily after Surgery.A key part of your Home Health care plan to increase your mobility. Use Insurance code HSPCS L0625 for your abdominal binder when submitting to your insurance.

Reduce Abdominal Adhesions, Increase mobility and reduce stress by using our healthcare products. Binding is proven to help and our Soft Cotton belly bands feels so good! DaVinci or Keyhole surgery also benefits from using our binders.The most adjustable, you only need to buy one for your whole recovery!

AbdoMend™ provides support directly to your stomach and back so you can move with less pain and greater mobility. Studies have shown compression to greatly aide in reducing recovery time and secondary complications, such as abdominal adhesions, or slow wound healing. Our soft cotton abdominal binders provide incision support, help prevent tearing, and make it easier to get out of bed, move and walk. Gone are the days of holding a pillow to reduce your pain!

For sizing take current measurement and add 3" for swelling for either band- The AbdoMend™ Hem It In band runs smaller than the Support Band and Strap. Call 808 572 0440 HST for Customer Service

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