AbdoMend™ Belly Bands and binders improve after care for Appendix, Back, Hernia, Hysterectomy, Myomectomy via Da Vinci, Open abdominal surgery or Laparoscopic-Keyhole surgery.

Wrap and strap after your Abdominal Surgery with AbdoMend™ Belly Bands and our Scar care Massage DVD.

Last chance to Make AbdoMend™ Belly Bands part of your evidence based Post surgery/op care plan to reduce swelling, abdominal adhesions and enhance recovery. Increase mobility, moving, walking, laughing and reduce gas pain, incision tears, abdominal adhesions to create a flatter scar- Store Closes March 26,2019.

AbdoMend™ has your back, literally.
The soft cotton abdominal binders and back brace provide support, help protect the incision and prevent tearing. Studies have proven compression and belly binding greatly reduces recovery time and secondary complications, such as abdominal adhesions.

Walk, laugh, and feel better with your adjustable Belly Band.

Fantastic Meditations to relieve your anxiety & stress!

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