About Us

Here at AbdoMend™ we care about your post surgery recovery whether appendix, female surgery, or other abdominal surgery. Our product was created after a Emergency C Section, and an Ovarian Cancer Hysterectomy surgery in the family and we noticed the care provided by Hospital and Doctor needed improvement. Abdominal Adhesions and mobility after surgery is our focus. We care about your health and that is why we created these products.

  • Care after surgery is so important for the wellbeing of the person, and we strive to help with binding and massage,key modalities in post surgery recovery.
  • Christina Hemming is a 25 year Licensed Massage Therapist who had an emergency C Section, and who witnessed her mother have a hysterectomy and Ovarian Cancer, and the care provided through the system which was so inadequate.Care after surgery is so important for the wellbeing of all, and its a simple as a Bellyband and touch.
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