Post OP Abdominal Binder Sizing Chart For Vertical incisions, OAS, Keyhole, and any abdominal surgery.

Swelling after surgery affects your size-choose carefully for your after surgery care. Please add 2"-3" inches to your current measurement where your surgery will occur.Keep the tape with the hip area. Vertical incisions,DaVinci method, and Keyhole surgery all benefit from using AbdoMend™ Belt and Strap.

For the best fit with AbdoMend™ Support Binder and Strap take your measurement carefully, as this cotton belt runs on the large side.Perfect for Open abdominal surgery including Kidney surgery. The Hem It In band runs smaller and has internal elastic for compression.

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Sizing Issues? Please contact us with any questions.

Sizing Chart for Abdomend Support Binder & Strap

Steps: Measure at surgery area, and add 2-3" for post surgery swelling. If you are pregnant, reduce by 3" per baby- take measurement along upper hip area. Best band for pregnancy support as extra strap lifts baby up." (6-8" for twins). This binder is a wide cotton cloth, not elasticized, the Extra Strap adds targeted compression for your incision. The belt can be worn anywhere on the abdomen.10" attachment area for maximum reduction and use.

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Binder
Petite 27” - 34” 6" wide
Small 32” - 40” 8" wide
Medium 38” - 46” 8" wide
Large 44” - 52” 10" wide

Sizing Chart for Abdomend Hem-It-In-Binder

Want more compression with a smaller area? The Hem It in for Pregnancy, Childbirth & Abdominal Surgery including Key Hole or Laparoscopic surgery: This binder is smaller and compresses more than the After Surgery Binder above. Post Surgery ADD 2-3" to your current measurement. Post pregnancy, reduce 3" for approximate post partum size.

Reduce below belly button measurement by 4" to arrive at post childbirth size.

Open Abdominal surgery or OAS, is best served with the Support Belt and Strap. If Laproscopic or keyhole surgery: Use immediately after surgery, add 2-3" for post surgery swelling or call us.

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Binder
Petite 24” - 34” 5" wide
Small 32” - 38” 6" wide
Medium 33” - 42” 8" wide
Large 38” - 47” 8" wide

Tip: To make the Hem-It-In Binder smaller, turn it inside out. No need to buy two like some other brands.

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