How to Put on Your Binder

As you recover from a c section, wearing our abdominal binder will help reduce pain, boost confidence, allowing you to move with ease and comfort.

After a c section, its easy to wrap yourself in comfort with this abdominal binder! The first week put the binder on while lying down, later as you progress in your c section recovery, you can put it on while standing. The photos show how to put on binder while standing for a better view

Use the AbdoMend Support Binder the very first time and every time you get out of bed, or roll to your side, for at least 1 –3 weeks post surgery. Allow your skin to breathe several times a day by opening the binder while lying down.

Wear the binder for as long as you need support, and remember, massage daily. Please email us with your questions or comments. Visit our website for FAQ’s. Remember to ask for help and support from family and friends. Please call your Doctor if you have a fever or are experiencing any problems.

Step 1: Put the AbdoMend Support Binder on while you are lying down before you get out of bed.


Step 2: Lift your hips and slip the binder under your back while you are lying down, flat side of binder is in your right hand, printed directions against skin. Make sure the binder covers at least 1” inch below the incision, as you wrap the binder to the left hip and tighten to your comfort level.


Step 3: Pull lower strap first, to right hip and attach. The two straps allow you to angle the binder as you need support.


Step 4: The Bikini Support Strap attaches hip to hip if you want the extra protection and support. The binder must compress the incision flat; not above incision, lifting it open. Cover all sides of the incision. The velcro is located at each hip area. Please adjust the binder according to your needs, using the straps at angles that work for you.


Tip: Leave your undies outside binder for easy bathroom access.


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