Abdominal adhesions and Scar tissue can create secondary complications.

How to Avoid Abdominal Adhesions and reduce scarring after Hysterectomy,Appendix,C Section,and OAS

Have a smaller,healthier and softer scar. Laproscopic incisions although small can create complications in your stomach. Compression and Massage are key elements in your home care plan.

Abdominal adhesions occur in 93% of all abdominal surgeries. If there is a lot of bleeding and no compression after surgery, scar tissue develops more easily. The fascia (organized collagen) becomes bunched and creates strands of scar tissue inside the body that can affect your recovery, pain levels, organ function and sex life for years to come.

When our tissue isn't supported after surgery and bleeding has occurred internally, it doesn't heal as well. Scar tissue occurs in between organs, veins,bones, basically throughout the body. Collagen fibers are the fascial sheath, this is how "connection" conducts. The collagen fibers vibrate in a calcium based solution.

When surgery occurs the collagen fibers become disorganized and with a tensile strength of 6000lbs per square inch, can really create some large chords of adhesive tissue inside the body!That is some serious pulling power between one part of your body and another! The 'pulling' effect of these scar tissue adhesions can cause lower back and pelvic problams and pain.

Abdominal Surgery Belly Band Support Wrap

Belly Band Wraps Reduce the Chances of Adhesions

Another health impact that has been experienced by cesarean moms is issues with their sexual comfort, back pain, infertility,elimination and digestion. Also, the tightening caused by the scar tissue pulls within the abdominal cavity affecting the organs. Painful sex after c-section is another complication that can be caused by adhesions.

Compression from binding brings the bodily fibers back together at the incision. It helps reduce swelling and prevent the incision tearing. At the same time c-section belly bands offer some protection for the incision giving you greater confidence holding your baby and moving around.


Massage can help organize tissue and scatter stagnant blood while at the same time encouraging fresh blood flow into the scar. The scar you see on your skin surface is not what is happening inside your body, so massage will also help reduce the chances of internal adhesions.

Decrease your potential for adhesions after c-section with our cotton post surgical binders and Massage.

Feel better today by wrapping yourself in soft cotton!

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