Tummy tuck surgery means you need compression - Wrap it flat!

Every nip and tuck you get on your body needs to be compressed and then massaged. This will help create a smaller scar. Recover more quickly, with less pain and in greater control with AbdoMend™ belly bands, which will aid your surgical recovery by lifting and and supporting the tissue as it heals. Binding helps decrease the swelling while giving you the support you need.

Remember your Dr wants the best outcome for his shape changing surgery for your body, so give yourself a great present with a purchase of one of our bands.

Abdominal Surgery
Belly Band Support Wrap

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Rebound more quickly with AbdoMend™ binders! AbdomInal binders decrease pain and stress, and improve walking & moving.


If you have recently had a baby it is suggested that you wait at least 6 months to allow the skin to contract back before undergoing a skin and tissue reduction. A nutritionist or your Dr may have suggestions for increasing elasticity so your skin recovers more easily.

Stay hydrated and make sure you keep your abdominal binder on you for the first 6 weeks. its best to purchase two so you can wash them and wear them continuously.

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