Intestinal Resection Recovery for Men

Intestinal Resection surgery is also done either by Open Abdominal Surgery or Laproscopic Surgery to remove infected tissue and prevent further disease. In either surgery, compression post op is very important and will help reduce pain and allow you to walk more easily. Soft cotton binders that adjust to your swollen tummy will help you move, recover more quickly and feel confident.


AbdoMend abdominal belly belts bring ease to your recovery after surgery. You will be swollen after surgery so take that into account when ordering.

OAS and Laproscopic both employ surgical incisions and use tools to remove and surgically repair. Intestinal resection has a very high success rate for continued health, especially if not associated with lymphatic complications like cancer or tumors.

Your pain management is in check with The AbdoMend Cotton Support Binder

Surgery recovery improves when binding is done to reduce pain and making it easier to get out of bed and walk after surgery, as has been proven in many research findings. Remember to ask your surgeon to use a hemostat to reduce internal bleeding which will reduce future scar tissue.

Surgery recovery is important to consider, with binder support, and prepared foods such as soups for easy digestion and elimination.

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